Your Qurban: Feeding the Poorest of the Poor

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In Dhul Hijjah 2016, HNCS implemented a new strategy to expand Eid al-Adha qurbani distribution to reach more people.

Alhamdulillah, we gave 3-4 lambs and goats to small villages in Moyale and even in Ethiopia near the Kenya border, so they will have the baraka to slaughter and distribute to their clans on Eid day. We also sent to Sultan Hamud, Makindu, Ulu and Nairobi for the same purpose. To date (before Eid) we have arranged for over 300 qurbani that will feed 18,000 people. Barak Allah, this will continue through the Eid Days. In addition, we donated rice and goats to feed 3,000 prisoners on Eid, organized by a local charity organization in Kenya. T

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talibahYour Qurban: Feeding the Poorest of the Poor