About Muharram

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and one of four months in Islam designated by Allah as sacred.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “After Ramadan, the best fasts are in Muharram.”

The first ten days of Muharram are the most sacred and Allah grants 100,000 rewards for each good deed performed in them.

Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram, holds deep reverence in Islam. Islamic tradition states that on that day Allah saved: Adam and forgave him; Noah from the flood; Abraham from the fire of Nimrod; David from Goliath; Moses and his people from Pharoah; and, Jesus from the crucifixion (peace be upon them all).

For Ashura, to commemorate Moses’ and the Children of Israel’s escape through the Red Sea, Prophet Muhammad ordered Muslims to fast two days.

Also on Ashura, with deep sorrow Muslims commemorate the assassination of Sayyidina Imam Husayn, peace be upon him, grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and 72 members of his noble family by feeding the poor, giving charity, performing extra worship, and sending the rewards (thawab) on his blessed soul.