How HNCS Prevailed During Covid19 Lockdowns

Due to strict government lockdowns in South Delhi, most Muslim organizations stopped distributing iftar/suhur in 2020. However, HNCS thought outside the box and developed an innovative business model: no contact doorstep delivery. We were the only charitable NGO of nine that remained open during Ramadan. We fed 400 food-insecure families twice a day. In Ramadan 2020, we distributed 98,000 iftar/suhur meals. 

Due to severe supply chain disruption issues, in Ramadan 2021 we distributed 92,000 meals. This was in addition to our food parcel meals, for which HNCS obtained local road passes during lockdowns both years to distribute emergency food. 

“Good deeds whose reward 'flows' to you after your death include: knowledge you taught and promulgated; a righteous child who lived after you; a copy of the Qur'an you left as inheritance; a mosque you built; a house you built for travelers and/or displaced refugees; a stream (or well) you dug or directed for others' benefit; a charity given from your wealth."

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