Afghan Refugee Aid

In August 2021, witnessing the chaotic exit of Afghan refugees from their homeland pushed us to act. After completing our needs assessment and budget, in November we launched Afghan Refugee Aid


Your Donations Are Funding Essential Resettlement Services

We will not reinvent the wheel. Our strengths are best applied to refugees resettled in America, funding on-the-ground partner organizations who feed them daily and provide A-to-Z aspects of essential resettlement services with zero red tape. 


This includes providing: 

▪️Native halal meals and groceries

▪️Culturally sensitive clothing


▪️Appropriate housing

▪️ESL language and cultural sensitivity classes

▪️Arranging translators

▪️Fast tracking job training and placement

▪️Access to education


▪️Childcare when needed

▪️Legal representation

▪️When possible, access to well established Afghan families


Privately Funded Local Support 

In addition, through private fundraising we are collaborating with individual Muslims and non-Muslims, Muslim and other non-profits, and mainstream social services agencies to support our local group of 130 resettled Afghan refugees in Michigan with clothing, home goods, donated cars, and translator services. We can teach you how.