Alhamdulillah, after months of planning, on 24 December 2017, HNCS Bangladesh made its third trip to Kutupalong Refugee Camp at Cox’s Bazar near the Myanmar border, which is now home to more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees. Our effort was coordinated with the Bangladesh Army, local government officials, and supported by two dozen volunteers.

It all began two months before 250 miles away in Dhaka, where we sourced four tonnes of food, packaged 500 parcels, then loaded a truck for the 12-hour ride on bad roads. After driving through the night, upon arrival we pushed on to the most remote, mountainous area of the camp that receives less aid. Immediately, we sensed hunger and anxiety were at their peak. Entire families that had not eaten for five days! Old and young alike were bewildered, speechless, too weak to display emotion, too dehydrated to even shed tears, but their appreciation was deeply touching.

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