Ramadan Kareem Food Drive

Launched by Shaykh Nazim in 2010, RAMADAN KAREEM FOOD DRIVE​ continues to expand. Donor names are read with Surat al-Fatihah. Send as thawab on your deceased loved ones. May your generosity be rewarded here and Hereafter. Donate here. See 2016 results here.

HOT IFTAR          US $325 (feeds 150 people one day/rice, meat, potatoes)
FOOD PARCEL   US $  30  (feeds a family four days/rice, flour, oil, lentils, sugar, tea)
DAILY QURBAN  US $250 Full Zabiha   US $125 Half Zabiha / Also order for specific holy days


KENYA | We now have two locations and are feeding the poorest of the poor, including war refugees from Somalia. To offer recipients the dignity of breaking fast at home with the entire family, hot iftars are take-away (boxed). Families served has increased 22% this year, alhamdulillah, and we have a new volunteer (monkey)!

IMG-20160621-WA0006  IMG-20160621-WA0016 IMG-20160621-WA0018   

NEW DELHI, INDIA | HNCS sponsored three iftars that fed thousands at Nizamuddin Aulia.

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HNCS JAKARTA is ready to distribute food packages in the last ten days of Ramadan!