Call To Action

For those of you who believe and spend (in charity) is a great reward. (Holy Quran, 57:7)

Organize a fundraiser. Get friends, family, students, coworkers, groups involved. 
  • Women in New York raised funds from their weekly prayer circle to finance two wells.
  • A boy got his Boy Scout troup interested in helping Syrian refugees. They donated to our recent Ashura campaign.
  • College students hosted three fundraisers and a doctor raised funds from her colleagues. Both donated to our Refugee Aid program for Rohingya refugees.
  • Young girls sold baked goods at their local mosque every night of Ramadan (iftar) and raised enough money to feed six families for a month through our Breaking Bread soup kitchen.
  • A young man asked his student association to support our Ramadan Kareem Food Drive. Their contribution fed fifty needy families for a week.
  • A man collected generous donations from his family and friends that financed 150 food parcels in Delhi, India.