Help us launch Rohingya Refugee Aid!

Help us launch Rohingya Refugee Aid!

HNCS BANGLADESH | November 2017
SubhanAllah, we have been in the overcrowded, disease ridden camps and have seen this heartbreaking crisis firsthand. Our team is currently securing official access to administer refugee aid on a regular basis.
HOW YOU CAN HELP Support our first delivery of fresh meat (qurban), food, and clothing on December 1st!

hncsHelp us launch Rohingya Refugee Aid!
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Our new wells!

Our new wells!

Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s support and your generous donations, HNCS is constructing new fresh water wells in rural Kenya. Imagine donors getting the baraka on every drop of water from a well that last twenty years and serves a hundred people!


hncsOur new wells!
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INDIA UPDATE Ramadan Kareem Food Drive 2017

By the mercy of Allah, last year we hosted three iftars for thousands at Nizamuddin Awlia, Delhi. Alhamdulillah, this year distribution included 450 parcels to needy women and families in Old Delhi. Our volunteers were humbled by the deteriorating living conditions of various neighborhoods, where the most vulnerable were identified by one or two grassroots leaders. May Allah bless them and all who donated or wanted to donate!

HNCS FOOD PARCEL 60 meals x 450 = 27,000 meals
5kg flour, 5kg rice, 2kg oil, 2kg lentils, 2kg sugar, 1kg salt, fresh vegetables
hncsINDIA UPDATE Ramadan Kareem Food Drive 2017
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Increase in Ramadan Donations 2017

Alhamdulillah, we are so happy to announce this year’s support for Ramadan Kareem Food Drive was the highest since the program’s launch in 2010. Our deepest thanks to the hundreds of volunteers, vendors, and generous donors who contributed. HNCS is honored to continue Shaykh Nazim’s legacy.


70,660 meals  Family Food Parcels for at-home suhur/iftar
32,250 meals  Hot iftar nightly (HNCS prepared)
  7,040 meals  Fresh meat/rice (Zabiha/Qurban)
109,950 total meals

Give Fresh Water   We dig the well, serves 100 people for 20+ years
Orphan Support     Academic, social, psychological, spiritual development, and school remodels

* Wells and orphan support are Sadaqah al-Jariya (unending donation that bless you forever)
* Help the poorest of the poor and war refugees
* Secure baraka for your loved ones
* Your name is read on the donation
* Send as thawab for whomever you designate, including deceased loved ones
* Automatically sent as thawab on Shaykh Nazim’s (program founder) soul

hncsIncrease in Ramadan Donations 2017
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UPDATE Ramadan Kareem Food Drive

This Ramadan we added new distribution sites and our activity included two sites in Nairobi, two sites in Jakarta, and one site in Old Delhi. Last year HNCS distributed 18k+ meals and alhamdulillah this year with increased volunteers and donor generosity our goal of 20k meals was far exceeded! This Nairobi video clip shows a segment of families that waited each Asr for hot iftar takeaway, which they ate at home. 


FOOD PARCELS             70,660 meals
HOT IFTAR                     32,250 meals
QURBAN                           7,040 meals
TOTAL 2017                 109,950 meals

Click to see Nairobi Update   Indonesia Update   Delhi Update





hncsUPDATE Ramadan Kareem Food Drive
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