Zaid bin Arqam narrated: The Companions of the Prophet of Allah said: “O Prophet of Allah, what are these sacrifices?” He said: “The Sunnah of your father, Ibrahim.” They said: “What is there for us in them, O Prophet of Allah?” He said: “For every single hair of the wool, one goodness.” (Ibn Majah)
One Zabiha  $250       Half Zabiha $125
DSC00034 IMG-20150712-WA0052 Eid Qurban 

HNCS is now accepting Qurban orders for Laylat al-Qadr and Eid al-Fitr 2017.
We observe strict Islamic standards. Meat is distributed to the most needy: the homeless, poor, orphans and refugees. Hides are donated to local elementary schools and women’s organizations to generate income. Qurban/Udhiya is a Sunnah Mu’akkadah (confirmed action of the Prophet ﷺ) in the Madhhabs of Imam Malik, Ahmad bin Hanbal and Imam Shafi`ee, and it is Wajib (required) in the Madhhab of Imam Abu Hanifah. Qurban may be performed on your family’s behalf and for parents and relatives.
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ORDER ZABIHA YEAR ROUND You may also order Qurban/Udhiya any time for any reason, such as: to restore health, for successful surgery, to remove burdens/obstacles/problems, to pass exams, get a better job, get married, bless a marriage/new baby/new job, and gifted as thawab on the soul of the deceased to benefit them in their grave (Sunnah).